About wedding ring among users of free no registration dating sites

Here is some popular information about wedding ring among users of free no registration dating sites. Except for a wedding ring, most jewelry carries no practical load, but reveals the nature of women. Each finger has its own, often hidden meaning. Therefore, the fact on which the finger is put on the ring, - a kind of signal. Psychologists say that there are four reasons that drive women to wear rings: the desire for security, prestige, beauty and a desire to please men. It is believed that the ring, put on the ring finger indicates susceptibility, sensuality, sentimentality and even the modesty of its owner. A large ring, put on the ring finger indicates the exaltation, the extent of which depends on the size of the decoration.

As some singles say from free dating service no registration, the middle finger - is the area of ??feelings, underlined pride, vanity and self-esteem. The ring, put on the index finger, is a sign of rigid the impulses, self-confidence and even dictatorial notes. The larger size, the greater severity of symptoms. Usually, it is preferred to carry and self-confident, even arrogant people. By the way, giving preference to the ring for the forefinger or thumb, wondering whether it will testify about your impeccable taste.

The ring on the little finger could mean originality, willfulness and capriciousness. If a woman has a little unconventional, but tasteful rings - their owner is in search of beauty. The ring on the little finger, for example, the seal with the family coat of arms, are those who belong to the nobility. There is some more information about wedding rings at dating sites no registration as next one also. Today pinkie ring most often prefer to actors, artists and musicians. Remember: a decoration visually shortens and widens the hand, so be attentive to his palm. When choosing a ring to take into account two factors - the structure of the hand and age.

Married dating sites without registering have information that girls of tender age fit thin and tiny ringlets. These are the best to emphasize the youthfulness of the skin and the elegance of the proportions. It is believed that young women should not wear diamonds - except maybe the ring with small stones on the ring finger of here left hand. Women middle-aged suit large ring with a large stone. A small ring on the hand of an elderly woman focuses not on the decoration, but on the hand. Small thin ring makes more visible joints and veins, and large ring attached to elegance and embellishes.