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Here is some advice for women from dating sites without registering and free. The aging of the skin - a complex process, due to not only the biological age of the organism, but also the negative impact of external factors and bad habits. One of its main mechanisms - reducing the energy reserves of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin. With age, are broken and water balance, affecting the hormonal changes. All this leads to aging of skin: its upper layer thinning, sagging, the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity. Help to slow the aging process the unique healing properties of medicinal leech. In cosmetics it is used recently. This was made possible thanks to modern technology, that allows you to select and save the biologically active substances contained in saliva of leeches.

As says one free dating site without registration, over 20 years French scientists studied the effects of these substances on the skin and found that the extract of the medicinal leech can become an indispensable tool in the preservation of youth and beauty. It turned out that it has a positive effect on the skin as a whole, showing its effect on the cellular and tissue levels. Due to the presence of hirudin leeches extract improves blood circulation in even the smallest capillaries of the skin. Blood enters the remote sites, ensuring the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients. This stimulates the protein, fat and water-salt metabolism. With prolonged use of leech extract strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Under its influence increases DNA synthesis, thereby updating proteins are collagen and elastin. The result is increased skin firmness and elasticity. The extract of the medicinal leech is not only perfectly penetrates through the epidermal barrier, and "holds" in the internal layers of the skin, other active elements. This allows you to develop cosmetic products that are ideal for various types of skin and age. In general, the regular use of cosmetics metabolic processes are restored to the level that is inherent in the skin at a young age.