Common misconceptions among users of dating sites free no registration

There are common misconceptions among users of dating sites free no registration. Investigating the causes of divorce, the Swedish family psychologist revealed a curious pattern. It turns out that the majority of families split because they have the wrong idea of ?? what is the basis for a happy marriage. One people need only one love to create a family. Only love should not be a reason for marriage. What is more important - are the same whether you have ideas about life and about what we would like to achieve together.

Opposites attract is one of the common misconceptions among users of free singles sites no registration. First, a shy girl, for example, will be delighted with its bold relaxed elect, who is always in the spotlight. But over time, she prefers a cozy home evening together, probably would not be happy with a man who likes to splash out late with friends. He made me happy, and I made him happy. Do not think that your husband is obliged to make happy. In order to achieve a harmonious relationship in the family you can not hurt the share of rational egoism. This means that your happiness, you must create by yourself. After all, if you're happy your husband, too! And he, in turn, should also work on family happiness.