Tanning bed and solarium

What about tanning bed? There are two types of tanning: with lamps of low and high pressure. The first uses both A and B rays are in a ratio close to the sunlight. Sunburn resulting in a solarium, is not immediately, but lasts longer. Systems with high-pressure lamps emit fewer rays of type B, but greater than A-rays. This appears tan faster, but not kept too long and is more suitable for people with dark skin. In addition, a solarium divided by the method of receiving "ultraviolet baths" Horizontal. Modern model of horizontal (tunnel) solarium equipped with air conditioning and cooling systems, the control panel allows you to constantly monitor the operation, if necessary, to reduce the power of the front lamps. Vertical. Vertical solarium is superior and more functionality than horizontal. They provide a more even tan, leave freedom of movement, provide hygienic as the human body is not in contact with the surfaces of the device. Armchair solarium. There are used mainly lamps with radiation type A. Golden tan, health benefits and a sense of joy that appears after solarium - these are the reasons that make many women take a bath "artificial sun". After using these types of solariums you can easy browse local singles no registration and search for new relationships.